A Proposal.

PURPOSE. An exclusive, private association dedicated to building legacy.

CONCEPT. A coalition of resources that complements our individual life efforts through:

  • Advancing higher learning;
  • Execution of financial and business strategies;
  • Exposure to high-level professionals and renowned persons; and
  • Providing an invaluable reservoir of support.


This project is about the unification of original ideas, goals, interests and resources. It aims to establish a formal association of individuals, deeply rooted in the pursuit certain ideals. A common bond exists in the realization of strength in numbers to fulfill such ideals.

It is also marks the beginning of new traditions, rituals and practices to be followed by generations to come. To believe in a legacy is the first step towards building one.

Solemn Oath of Loyalty.

Each individual must make the same solemn vow to uphold the principles and ideals of the association. This may evolve, and should never divert from the original pillars of oath.

Coalition of Resources in the form of:

  • People
  • Capital
  • Intellect

 Internal Organizations. Divisions focused on specific area or pursuit.

  •  Higher Learning: Dedicated to readership, literature, and cultural activities.
  •  Private Venture: Dedicated to private equity investment opportunities.

Funding. Quarterly Basis (not including capital investment projects)

Year 1: $1,000; Year 2: $1,500; Year 3: $2,000.


  • President.
  • Treasury.         

Sampling of Responsibilities.

  • Required Readings
  • Written Memorandums
  • Research based Projects


Sampling of Activities.

  • Curated Dinners (i.e. special guests, topics of discussion)
  • Cultural Events (
  • Annual “summit” event


Proposed Rules.

Term of Membership: Lifetime

New Membership: Only by unanimous vote can a member ever be added.

  • Nomination. Each member may nominate two members.
    • Costs. $500 for a new nomination. Pooling of resources is permitted.